Regulatory Affairs

Overview As a Member-owned generation and transmission cooperative based in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Big Rivers Electric Corporation is a jurisdictional electric utility regulated by the Public Service Commission of Kentucky (“the Commission” - Commission Homepage). In general, the Kentucky Revised Statutes (“KRS”) and the Kentucky Administrative Regulations (“KAR”) define the Commission’s regulatory authority. This regulatory webpage provides access to documents relevant to the Commission’s regulatory authority, to Big River’s present tariff on file with the Commission, and to information regarding Big Rivers’ proceedings currently before the Commission. Should you have any comments or feedback regarding this webpage, please e-mail them to with a subject of Regulatory Webpage Feedback. If you prefer, you may mail those comments to: Big Rivers Electric Corporation ATTN: Rates and Tariffs P. O. Box 24 Henderson, KY 42419-0024 [Please note:  Accessing the information below will require Adobe Acrobat© and sufficient memory capable of opening files approaching 200 +/- MBs.] Commission’s Regulatory Authority The links below provide access to KRS Chapter 278, KRS Chapter 279, and 807 KAR Chapter 5. These sites are maintained by the Legislative Research Commission of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (“LRC”).  The LRC is solely responsible for these sites. Should any conflict arise between the wording of any hardcopy of a statute or regulation, and these electronic versions, the electronic versions will take precedence. Residential Customers' Bill of Rights Residential customers of regulated public utilities in Kentucky are guaranteed certain rights.  The Customer Bill of Rights is located on the Commission’s internet website. (Customer Bill of Rights). Big Rivers Present Tariff Big Rivers present tariff is on file with the Commission. You may access by clicking the link below. Big Rivers Proceedings before the Commission The lists below provide information about the principal proceedings before the Commission which involve Big Rivers. For more recent cases, these links only provide access to major document within each proceeding. They do not include access to all motions, orders, petitions, and other documents. For older cases, a generic link to the listed case number provides a complete listing of all publicly available documents in the proceeding. One may access additional information using the Commission’s Non-Electronic Case Docket ( and the case numbers below.    1.  Big Rivers General Rate Case

(Case No. 2013-00199)


2.  Big Rivers 2012 General Rate Case

(Case No. 2012-00535)


3.  Big Rivers 2011 General Rate Case

(Case No. 2011-0003635)


4.  Big Rivers Integrated Resource Plans

2017 Integrated Resource Plan (Case No. 2017-00384)


5. Big Rivers Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) Cases

Duff-Coleman EHV 345 kV Transmission Line Project (Case No. 2018-00004)

Solar Array Demonstration Project (Case No. 2016-00409)

Aleris Transmission Line Project (Case No. 2015-00051)

2012 Environmental Compliance Plan CPCN (Case No. 2012-00063)


6.  Big Rivers Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC) Reviews

For information regarding FAC Reviews prior to December 31, 2012, send an e-mail with subject line ‘Pre-2013 FAC Reviews’ to

Six-Month FAC Review (Case No. 2018-00221)

Six-Month FAC Review (Case No. 2018-00023)

Six-Month FAC Review (Case No. 2017-00287)

Two-Year FAC Review (Case No. 2017-00006)

Six-Month FAC Review (Case No. 2016-00235)

Six-Month FAC Review (Case No. 2016-00006)

Six-Month FAC Review  (Case No. 2015-00237)

Two-Year FAC Review  (Case No. 2014-00455)

Six-Month FAC Review (Case No. 2014-00230)

Six-Month FAC Review (Case No. 2013-00449)

Six-Month FAC Review (Case No. 2013-00266)

7.  Big Rivers Six-Month Environmental Surcharge (ES) Reviews

For information regarding ES Reviews prior to June 30, 2011, send an e-mail with subject line ‘Pre-2011-06-30 ES Reviews’ to

Six-Month ES Review (Case No. 2018-00338)


Six-Month ES Review (Case No. 2018-00163)

Two-Year and Sixth-Month ES Review (Case No. 2017-00345)

Sixth-Month ES Review (Case No. 2016-00368)

Sixth-Month ES Review (Case No. 2016-00124)

Two-Year ES Review (Case No. 2015-00320)


8.  Big Rivers DSM Tariff Filings

DSM Tariff Filing (Case No. 2018-00236)

DSM Tariff Filing (Case No. 2017-00278)

DSM Tariff Filing (Case No. 2015-00118)

DSM Tariff Filing (Case No. 2013-00099)


9. Administrative Case on Smart Grid / Smart Meter Technologies

(Case No. 2012-00428)