Big Rivers Legislative Director Named to National Coal Council

Big Rivers Director Legislative Affairs and Government Relations Sharla Wells will join the Federal Advisory Committee, which serves the U.S. Secretary of Energy.

Wells was appointed to the National Coal Council in January 2021 and will serve a term that extends until July 1, 2022.

The National Coal Council is one of three Federal Advisory Committees that provide recommendations for Fossil Energy programs and policies. Its principal activity is to provide advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Energy on coal policy, technology and markets.

The members of the NCC are appointed by the Secretary based on their knowledge, expertise and stature in their respective fields of endeavor.  NCC membership is restricted to 150 individuals who represent a broad spectrum of interests from industry, finance, engineering, legal, academia, regulatory agencies, environmental groups and research organizations. 

Sharla Wells, Big Rivers Director Legislative Affairs and Governmental Relations

The principal work of the Council involves producing reports on issues of interest to the Secretary.  Based on the findings of these reports, the Council makes policy recommendations and provides guidance for the Secretary’s consideration.  Since its inception in 1984, the NCC has published nearly 40 reports.  These reports have focused on the future of coal in the new carbon age, management of carbon emissions, coal conversion technologies, coal and coal technology exports, and power sector compliance with environmental regulations. 

While the primary objective is to provide the Secretary of Energy and DOE staff with policy recommendations, NCC reports are widely distributed to policy makers on the national, state and local levels, and have been used as the basis for Congressional testimony by industry and academic representatives.

“It is an honor to be appointed by former Secretary Brouillette, and I look forward to working with existing members to provide continued support to recently appointed Secretary David Huizenga. Now, more than ever, the work of the council will be extremely important in representing the power and promise of our nation’s coal industry,” said Wells.

The National Coal Council believes coal has a vital role to play in the future of the nation’s electric power, industrial and advanced manufacturing industries, in addressing the world’s energy and energy poverty needs, as well as in engagement in advanced products and manufacturing in the emerging new carbon age.  The national energy challenge of balancing social, economic and environmental objectives is a primary objective of NCC, and the Council values the opportunity to represent the power, the pride and the promise of America’s coal industry.